Drivve | SSO

Drivve | SSO

Combines the advanced scanning, print management and cost recovery capabilities of Drivve Image and Drivve Print into one Single Sign-On solution for your MFP. True continuous SSO for any MFP, service or workflow helping to reduce the time spent re-entering passwords and IT help-desk calls relating to authentication.

UserID and passwords are fully secure and encrypted allowing users to access personal and business account information without further authentication. Search authenticated network folders from the copier screen and customise profiles to personalise the user experience. It’ll even make new folders if they don’t already exist. Drivve makes it easy to scan documents into searchable PDF or editable office documents. The software can even clean away hole punch marks and coffee stains!

  • Advanced Scanning
  • Secure Printing
  • Usage Tracking and Reporting
  • Authenticated Scan to Email, Home-folder and Fax
  • Cost Recovery for print and MFP usage

Brand : Drivve

Category : Software Solutions