DocuWare for Employee Management

DocuWare for Employee Management

Eliminate paper and disorganized shared drives. Get rid of long email chains and constant status inquiries. Move records into a secure environment to protect employees and your organization. DocuWare for Employee Management digitizes, centralizes and organizes employees’ HR documents within a secure, searchable repository. 

Within the DocuWare solution, HR teams can use ready-to-go digital workflows and forms for applicant tracking, hiring, onboarding, separation, performance reviews and time-off request management. Simplify your life in HR and refocus on the strategic programs that help employees. DocuWare for Employee Management is a preconfigured solution, providing a complete means of controlling digital employee files and HR workflows.

  • Targeted recruiting and hiring
  • Fostered talent pool
  • Seamless employee onboarding
  • Productive performance reviews
  • Employee separation

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