Our mantra is "Eliminate Print Servers." Our Enterprise Print Management solution enables you to do just that without losing the benefits traditional print servers provide. Simply copy printers from your existing print servers, silently convert end users already installed printers, and centrally manage direct IP printers with the provided PrinterLogic Administrator.

Our print management platform gives you centralized management of every printer in your entire organization—regardless of whether you have one physical location or a hundred sites distributed across as many countries. From a single pane of glass, you can manage any printer using an intuitive web-based console; create new printers and deploy them to end users automatically; effortlessly modify printer settings (e.g., driver, port, name, duplexing) and push those changes out to end-user workstations; delete printers from workstations automatically and much more.

  • Eliminating Print Servers
  • Print Management
  • Pull Printing
  • Mobile Printing

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