Empower productivity with smart document capture Documents power your business. When your employees need to speed up how they securely capture, share and edit those documents, wherever and however they work, you need Nuance eCopy.

Inefficient document handling can slow your business down and prevent you from closing sales, solving a customer problem or getting products out the door. eCopy eliminates bottlenecks and gives your employees the ability to capture documents to more efficient digital document processes at the touch of a button. With eCopy employees can access critical document processes to keep business moving smoothly. Whether they’re working together or collaborating with vendors or customers, employees can use multi-function devices to access paper in the office, on smartphones or tablets to capture data whenever – and wherever – they need it.

  • Embedded MFP interface with personalized access based on user credentials
  • Full-size keyboard and external interactive touch screen
  • Security offering full authentication and audit trails, as well as tracking and reporting
  • High availability
  • Load balancing for highly scalable deployments

Brand : Nuance

Category : Software Solutions